Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Oscar Goes to…

My vote for Best Actress? No one else but Thomasina for her balls-out, over-the-top performance in The Three Lives of Thomasina. Granted, the film is from 1964—and judge for yourself, but I’m getting a major tomcat vibe from the classic red tabby who plays Thomasina—but wouldn’t it be great if cats could be nominated for Academy Awards?

I was planning on reviewing this Disney gem here, but I think I may have accidentally thrown out the VHS so I’ll have to wait until I get the DVD. But you can watch the opening scene and see watchya think:


Fun, right? The film is set in Glasgow, based on Paul Gallico’s book "Thomasina, The Cat Who Thought She Was God." And if you think that’s juicy, you’ll love the spaced-out scene in which Thomasina visits Cat Heaven (which looks uncannily like the cover of a Yes album…surprising, you wouldn’t think cats would go for prog rock). Leonard Maltin gave this scene a thumbs-up, too, calling it a “wondrous piece of movie magic.”

Stay tuned for my analysis of this important look at one cat’s cosmological journey, and in the meantime, stay for the tunes…

Music to work the red carpet by (that is, if you were Thomasina, if it were 1964, and if cats were recognized by the Academy)
Donovan, There Is a Mountain
For the Scottish connection, of course. And because I attended Donovan’s workshop on storytelling and mythology at the NYC Open Center, where he suggested that I write animal-themed country songs. Just the lyrics, I mean.)

Teenage Fanclub, Sparky’s Dream
More Glaswegian-borne magic.

P.S. I can’t lie, I’ve seen not a one of the 2010 nominees. I DO love movies, but I’m a little behind everyone else. My most recent favorite is Requiem for a Dream , on which I’m still ruminating.


  1. How have I not heard of this movie?? I must see it ASAP! But harumph, the actor is clearly male. Maow would be perfect in this role as the lovely, less common female orange tabby.

  2. Elyse! I agree completely, especailly since she has starred in her own film, 360 Degrees of Sponge Bob, anyway.

  3. Another great Disney flick from around that same era is That Darn Cat. I remember seeing both those movies as a child and thinking that Thomasina was the greatest film ever made--family dynamics, witchcraft, redemption--and that That Darn Cat was the funniest film ever created--family dynamics, burglary, redemption. Yeah, I LOVED DIsney (still do in some regards), and it's great to see a cat hero/heroine in one of his films rather than their usual villain roles.

  4. Seriously, you attended a story workshop with Donovan? How cool was that? Was it great?

  5. Stephanie, you just gave me an idea for another post--in the book, "that darn cat" was a Siamese, not so in the movie, right? WAUA, the workshop with Donovan was pretty special. I remember him playing recordings of current music and asking if they resonated with the audience--everyone liked Kula Shaker, but I was the only one who gave the thumbs-up to Johnny Cash. I think this was around the time his Sutras album came out.