Saturday, June 26, 2010

Play That Country Meowsic, White Boy

If you wore a concert T-shirt back in the day, it usually meant you went to the concert or at least knew the band and could name, say, 3 of their songs.

But things have changed, and that’s why I didn’t hesitate when I purchased a “Love that COUNTRY MEOWSIC” T-shirt, featuring an image just like the one above, on my recent trip to Nashville. I told everyone it was meant to be “ironic,” but who am I kidding? As some of you know, shamefully bad cat puns come naturally to me, so this is probably what I should be wearing every day. Not just, uh, today.

What to listen to when the bottle lets you down
Glen Campbell, Rhinestone Cowboy

Dillard & Clark, Through the Morning, Through the Night
Holy cannoli, is this song beautiful! (Clark means Gene, as in the former Byrdman.)

Hank Williams, Jr., Tennessee Stud
The song’s way hokey, but a good example of how some country songs are like little epic poems. “The Tennessee stud’s green eyes turned blue, ‘cause he was dreaming of his sweetheart, too…” (FYI, the Tennessee stud’s sweetheart is the Tennessee mare.) The comments on this vid are hysterical, too. Well, a little bit funny at first but ultimately disturbing.

P.S. When I searched for an image of the shirt, I came upon a picture of Vampire Weekend-leader Ezra wearing the exact same one I have.

It was posted on a fan forum, collecting comments about how cool he/it/he-wearing-it is, i.e.:

Definately, that shirt is a chic magnet and Ezra wearing it is beyond words. only thing i can say is gaaawww. only thing better than ezra wearign that shirt is ezra not wearing any shirt at all. *wink wink*

Of course, now I’m fascinated by the fine line between “chic” magnet and geek magnet. What if Ezra were wearing an I Heart MJ shirt…

…or this?

P.S.S. I don’t know much about Vampire Weekend, but my friend Holly at The Song In My Head Today does.

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  1. This really is the summer of the vampire, isn't it, Pune? They seem to be everywhere, all the time, and not just on the weekends.

    The T-shirt is sweet, and I, too, would wear it proudly, but most likely only in my home and backyard. I'd probably have to be having a really good hair day to wear it in public. This way, I would appear "avant-garde" and "above it all," rather than nerdy and a tad nuts.