Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey, Good Lookin'

A couple of weekends ago I took a 5Rhythms workshop held at the Merce Cunningham Studio. The space was nuts—I swear it must be situated right smack at the crossroads of some cosmic ley lines; it was like the studio was a divine drug addict shooting up an endless supply of shakti. I’ve not been to many places in New York City that felt so infinite and ego-less, bigger than all the baggage its visitors might be able to carry in…including my own freakin’ wheely cart-full.

During a break I perched myself in one of the giant windowsills, where I found an important note that someone had left, oh, just about 5 years and 6 months earlier. See above—It says (sorry if my photo sucks), “I just don’t know what I’m looking for./LB 5/12/05”

Dang, LB! That is, like, a real big one. Can anyone answer that for sure?

Well, maybe if you were the person who dropped these purple drawers on West 12th street:

I passed these at least 10 times over the course of the 3-day workshop, and kept thinking I should take a picture of them (why, Pune, why?!), but I kept forgetting to bring my camera. Imagine how happy I was to find they were still there on the last day, when I finally remembered it. I’m glad I did, because this photo serves as a visual reminder that sometimes it doesn’t do much good to find what you’ve lost. I mean, if these were your underwear, would you retrieve them after they’d been lying on the sidewalk for a minimum of 3 days? Would you even trust that they were yours? (P.S. Read my friend Brenna's blog for an excellent post on underwear.)

Anyway, LB, I actually went back to my journal from May 12, 2005, to see if I was looking for something then, too. No, not really. I was happy because I got new shoes. I was writing while on the bus, and overheard a lady who “couldn’t stand the smell of tuna and said so.” It’s not like I was complacent or especially satisfied, though. “I need to get my ass in gear,” I wrote. “Which gear would that be?”

Music and video for those who hide and seek

Don’t think you’ve got the time to stop, look and listen? Just do it anyway. As Elvis says, “It’s alright with me,” and it’d probably be OK with Mary Tyler Moore, too:

Was LB looking for love, be it spiritual or carnal? Here’s what a fellow seeker sez about that:

And by the way, LB, if you still haven’t found it, maybe this little clip will help. If a mouse can dance, so can you. Me, too.


  1. Aw thanks P. I wonder which has the more interesting story - the underwear or LB.

  2. I took a photo of a thong in a hotel lobby in Vegas! Great underwear-voyeur minds think alike.

  3. Elyse! How many shots did it take to get the one you wanted?!