Monday, October 31, 2011

Meezer Monday: It's Nice to Share

I originally bought the vanilla malted bumper car bed, above left, for Bing, but the minute Derrick saw it he shoved his whitey mammoth a$$ into it for a perfect fit. Then I thought for sure Bing, an under-the-covers cuddler, would take to the Cat Snuggie, which is like a giant pita bread with French cuffs. But within seconds of its leopard-spotted arrival, there was Derrick all mother's milking it, howling and whining when anyone got near.

There's all kindsa nuttiness going on in the above scenario, but the big takeaway for me is that he's actually utilizing/enjoying both of these items. This is especially important to me lately as I recently threw away a bunch of stuff that, although costly, had been worn less than a handful of times. Or could no longer be worn. Like, for example, the giant fluffy white coat I got on ebay that only a yeti or, possibly, Patti LaBelle could pull off. I swear, once I threw that particular behemoth out, my closet sighed.

And if anyone's wondering about Bing, well, he didn't show interest in either of the beds, so it's not like Derrick's the bully at school stealing everyones Michael Jordans. At least I think it's not like that.

Is it me, or does she look totally psyched and may have even kicked his lazy a$$ to the curb?

That's the way it is, troolie-oolie-oolie is...

Because I save the best for last:

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  1. Stella was the boss of the house, but as long as she and Henry coexisted, she'd begrudgingly give up her spot to him - couch spot, pillow spot, lap spot. She'd toss her best, snarliest growl and then relocate. I'm jealous that the cats even use beds. Ours have all gone empty in favor of decorative pillows and throws.