Monday, December 5, 2011

Meezer Monday: I Knead You

You can tell by the angle of the ears on his big moon head--Derrick was not pleased when I took this photo. It seems I was interrupting his special private time with the new pillow, purchased earlier that day.

I should have known said pillow would cause trouble. Right as I was paying for it, some guy cut the line and started fondling it. "That's an interesting texture on that pillow," he said, groping and stroking the faux fur. At first I was pleased at myself for finding a bargain on such an obviously attractive item (16.67--marked down from original price of $50!), but then I started to think about boundaries, and how I have trouble knowing where they ought to start and stop--and alas, I think they do start at pillow-fondling at Macy's. You want an un-fondled pillow, ya know--or at least if anyone's gonna fondle it, he's gotta have red ears, four legs and a tail.

So yeah, anything plush and soft--i.e. the bumper car-shaped bed he stole from Bing--are clearly tactile Pines for Derrick. He kneads these objects like crazy, spreading his toes wide, rumbling, mumbling and drooling all the while. At least the guy in Macy's didn't do that.

Based not on personal experience but the range of comments on all video versions of this next song: If you're 14 years old or a guitar geek, the intro will blow your mind. Otherwise, just play it over and over while, uh, vacuuming.


  1. not 14 or a guitar geek (at least, I don't think so), but I still adore the Kinks, my memories of playing my brother's Kinks LPs, and this post about Derrick.

  2. Plus, "i need you like nobody's ever needed anyone before" has never been beaten as the best & most perfect lyric of how it feels the first time we fall in love -- a recurring Davies' theme of course. But this gets right at it. We can all smile now because we know better ... but then we remember and the smiles start to fade :-)

  3. Susan, he he--I was thinking it's Led Zep that the 14-year-old boys would like, but I hope they like the Kinks, too…maybe the wistful, dreamy types at least. And you are so right, WAUA, that line IS perfect…deceptively so. Makes me think of one of my fave KInks lyrics: "This is my street and I'm never gonna leave it/And I'm always gonna stay here" Like, you really gotta mean it if you say the same thing in 2 different/opposite ways.