Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LessWords Wednesday: Baby, What A Big Surprise

"What a zen, albeit gymnastic rat!" I thought for exactly 2 seconds when I came upon this scenario on a recent morning. I got the feeling this was half on-purpose, like someone threw the rat away and another someone found it and had the idea to put it all scarylike on the signpost. Either way, I was impressed enough to take a photo--surprises are getting rarer and rarer these days, even if they come secondhand with a pink plastic tail.

A few days later I had a huge revelation about the moon. I was looking out the window on a Friday night and was honestly surprised to see it. It seemed to have all of a sudden popped up in a different place in the sky, as if it moved its assigned seat or something. And another thing… did you know that  it can be partially obscured by cloud cover? How could I have missed something like that in life? True, I've just learned how effective double-knots are at keeping your shoelaces tied, but...this is THE MOON, people.

I know, I know, you're probably like…WTF? Trust me, I was, too, but in the best way possible--it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, like the moon was doing a strip tease, wearing the clouds like a veil all whisper-pale. As the cloud cover moved by, you'd see more or less of the moon, brighter, then darker, then finally nothing as the thickest cloud cover blanketed it completely. I lost my sense of time, I was so transfixed.

Later this kind of tumble-stumbled out of the keyboard:

oh dear moon,
a silver sliver slung in the sky
like a cat's claw.
a cloud dances by, holding you with a raven's wing.
and you two tango...
winking at each other
going from shadow to flow and yes to know,
leaving me watching raving mad, like a lover waiting for a kiss from the

I've listened to this song a zillion million times, but never this version until just now...

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