Sunday, August 7, 2016

Songs I Love in 88 Words or Less: "The Little Girl I Once Knew"

"The Little Girl I Once Knew," The Beach Boys

For those who wish to understand the forces with which flowers bloom, this song is the pop quiz you've been studying your whole freakin' life for. It's the sacred pause in the Beach Boys canon, a sleighbell bridge from the sand to the stars. Not the masterpiece, but the knock on its door so divine.

It has no home, a lone single between "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)" and "Pet Sounds," complete with a few fat full-moon seconds of silence that got radio stations so irked and confused they wouldn't play it. But for dreamers like me, if we listen hard enough we can hear the petals unfold, a tiny cantata echoing inside a sideways sinistral shell.

P.S. I took that photo on a chilly run by the river in February, knowing I'd need it for this series in the summer.

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