Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another One for the Puff

Like most cats, Puff was all about living in the present (face it, they pretty much have us beat on that one)—so it does feel a little weird to me to be writing a special post on the anniversary of her death. But I did buy roses for her today, a whispery purple that looked in the gray afternoon light like the velveteen backs of her ears…my favorite part of Puffer.

When I brought them home they blushed under the brighter lamp in the living room, a demure and decidedly baby pink…and I thought of the first time I saw Miss P, on what was just her third day in the world, and again on the day she came to join our family.

My song for her then and my song for her now:

P.S. Puffelina is editor-in-chief emeritus of this blog.


  1. I don't know if it's the season, or my general mood, but this posting made me cry. What a beautiful tribute to a special friend. I was really touched by your sentiments and your skill.

  2. Thanks, guys! And Stephanie, it does seem like we're in weepyville lately. Geesh!