Monday, June 27, 2011

Meezer Monday: Scary Monster

Don't let him fool you! This sleepy beastie is only seconds away from pulling a Victor Frankenstein. Seriously, if you say something too loud in the wrong tone and leave the room or let him knead too long on the faux fur blanket that he loves so much he drools on, he gets this weird look in his eye, stiffens his posture and yes, straight-line Frankensteins it over to poor little Bing, who's usually Mr. Magoo'ing all absent-mindedly in the corner, and tries to bite him in the neck. Never mind that Bing is like half his size and three times his age--Derrick's a dumb-a$$ bully sometimes.

Yes, of course, I talked to the animal communicator about it. Derrick apparently has some issues around sibling rivalry and competing for his mom's milk, but he has no interest in delving in to them. He thinks it's boring and pointless.

The thing is, 90% of the time he is a good boy and a general all-around fancy being indeed. I guess you just never know, 'cuz things and people aren't always what they seem. Like there's always a backstory, ya know? The connections and misconnections that blow the fuse, make us choose to choose, choose to use, choose to go. Darn right I (sorta) stole that! Thinking that we're all both scary monsters and sleeping angels deposited me straight to the Velvets' doorstep. If you randomly selected a VU song and blasted it in the ear of a sleeping Derrick, about half the time he'd get up and bite Bing. The other half, he'd purr galore and snore, perchance to dream.

Here's one on the sleeping cat's playlist:

I always love the comments that people leave on videos. My fave on the above: "Those guitars make my ears tickle when I have headphones on, lovely song."

Watch out, Binger!


  1. I don't think I've ever told you how much I appreciate your cat writing in the way that you are able to convey him to us without resorting to writing in his voice. I know you'd never do that, and you do so well at him this way.

  2. A comment!! Woo-hoo! And a good one, too! All exclamation points aside, this really means a lot to me, because I try not to compromise on that. Like I know I'd definitely be alienating the typical 'cat-lovin' reader' by calling D. a big-a$$ bully and such. It's really hard to write about people, tho! Dialogue? Eeek!

  3. Oh, actually it was dumb-a$$ bully!