Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Sex Pistil

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was allegedly a whoring misogynist who pushed an elderly lady down the stairs because he thought she was talking too loudly, but he wrote one of the most beautiful things ever about plants in The World as Will and Representation:

"For the plant reveals its whole being at the first glance and with complete innocence. This does not suffer from the fact that it carries its genitals exposed to view on its upper surfaces, although with all animals these have been allotted to the most concealed place. This innocence on the part of the plant is due to its want of knowledge. Every plant tells us first of all about its native place, the climate found there and the nature of the soil from which it has sprung."

Sigh-o-delic, eh? But I'm still noodling on the strange interconnectedness between the song featured here and the relationship between the parties behind it. Would Andy be a venus fly trap? I could see Lou as a vine of morning glories growing wild in a vacant lot where feral cats (a managed colony, of course!) fight and whine and meditate.

Oops, better make that LessWord Wednesday, peeps!

Watch this and find out where he got the idea for the song:

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