Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The only way to pair wine with chicken.

According to my friend Dina, who recently posted this photo from the New Gloucester Village Store on her Facebook page, I may have actually met this beautiful bird when I stayed at a nearby bed-and-breakfast last year. She was in the backyard when I met her, but too bad we didn't have much time to talk. I would have told her to definitely go for the Cabernet.

P.S. I love this song and its sentiment so much that I stole my "About Me" from it! And when I saw Ray play this like 10 or so years ago, he looked right at me as he sang the second verse. Swoon! I'da thunk I was just imagining it if the person next to me hadn't noticed, too. I'm not the autograph/photo/groupie, type, and as a rule I think that famous musicians are no fancier than some regular old everyday people, like the people I know who save animals and make the world safer for cats and dogs and yes, chickens. But Ray, well, he's pretty fancy. At the time I was wordless. Unlike this post.

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