Monday, January 16, 2012

Meezer Monday: Dream A Little Dream

For just a few months in between kitten and cat, she fit perfectly into this little box. She'd fetch mousie and jump right in, ears-up pleased and whisker-proud to fill the Puff-sized space so snug. This little Polaroid makes me so happy--she's like a little kitteh-sized loaf cake. When she got bigger, there were bigger boxes, of course, but none ever seemed so custom-made.

It's kinda like the tiny window between sunrise and moonset, when the sky sighs to make room for both. Blink and one sinks. I was lucky to be on the beach in Seattle as this happened last Wednesday morning, the blueberry-raspberry sky blushing right on my left as the silver moon made a lynxpoint connection with a demure cloud in the cosmos next door. A day starting as shy as a cat, whisker-whispering a dawn-blue hello.

For Puffelina, born January 14. The title is in reference to a dream she sent me that I was planning to write about. But this came out instead. : )

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