Monday, February 6, 2012

Meezer Monday: The Way You Look Tonight (At Least From the Side)

While getting a manicure in my trademark Glitzerland (just one coat) on Saturday, I read in Cosmopolitan that when it comes to men, Nicki Minaj doesn't have a type. "I do like a dope nose profile," she said, further indicating that she prefers it nice and straight.

Hmmm… I wish the article had included some visuals, 'cause I'm not sure I get where the unstraightness would come in. Like she wouldn't like a hook nose that curves down at the tip, or one that wanders off to one side as if it's been broken?

Either way, I think she'd like Mr. D's profile here, though she didn't indicate a preference about gunk in the eye. Because cats have such man-in-the-moon faces, you never think about their profiles as an indicator of personality or overall look, really. 'Cause it's a whole new world when you look at them from the side. Little snorty-lookin' pink nostrils all violin-curvy and, best of all, those close-mouthed Archaic smiles.* Oh, yeah. I do like a dope pink nose profile.

* Dang, all those classes in art history finally paid off!

Commentary for this upcoming vid: This isn't the happiest tribute to Montgomery Clift, who uttered one of my favorite-ever movie quotes. It's not a biggie, so please don't get mad if this is underwhelming, but... in From Here to Eternity, he says to the bartender, "Give her a Coke--big Coke." His delivery floors me--I can't explain. It's all about possibility and love and he likes her so much he wants to make sure her Coke is the biggest it can be, even if it's just a Coke. Maybe love is in the deets, ya know?

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  1. A big coke!! I'm totally with you on this. The heart of the movie is right there. I saw it for the first time a few nights ago and that's the moment that is still rattling around in my head.