Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barking & Wining

Who knew I liked poodles so much? Sure, she could use a good shampooing, and her left pom-pommed paw has been singed by a cigarette lighter (wasn't me!), but you can't deny her woolly, wide-eyed charm.

That cheeky ric-rac collar...a single sequin, sparkly on her mouth (or is that her nose, which would then mean she has just one nostril?)...her hanging pimento of a tongue. Shall I go on?

Don't admire her form? There's always her function. Yuppers, this canine does double duty as a handsome knitted cover for your favorite beverage. It looks like she has champagne dreams (you mean you don't like your bubbly on the warm and sweaty side?), but let's face it--a tall boy may be a better fit for her.

Must she have a purpose other than to be beautiful? Not in my house, at least.

Songs she brings so gently to mind:
This Strange Effect, The Kinks
Ain't Gonna Bump No More (with No Big Fat Woman), Joe Tex (is it me, or does this poodle remind you of Aunt Esther from Sanford & Son?)


  1. Alright, Pune. You got me with the title, but speaking as one who loves poodles (though I have never served in the senate with a poodle) your girl PALES next to some of the poodles I have known. That being said, you bring her to life in such a way that you could call her a rhino, and I'd follow you.

  2. Hi, Pune! Remember little gray Pood at the 59th Street/Lex 6 stop? Over the years I've seen Pood and her human at 42nd and Sixth, outside the F train stop. He added on a kitty cat at some point. Cheers, Faye