Friday, February 5, 2010

Her Favorite Dish? Poodle Kugel!

I may not have my own macaroni depiction of a Siamese cat, but I do have this krazy lentograph of a poodle surrounded by rubber trees. That's right, a lentograph! I got this at the now-defunct 26th St. flea market, but this screams post-modern hanging-in-a-California ranch house den to me. Thanks to lenticular technology, first developed in 1940s, the poodle image has an illusion of depth (uh, dudes, that's no illusion--poods are like really high on the Most Intelligent Dogs list) and the trees appear to sway in the breeze.

According to lentograph scholars, the work--entitled Bijou, presumably after the dog's name--is from the Pets series, and is one of the more popular of the bunch (duh!). A bit harder to find is the aptly named Faustus, featuring a naughty-looking terrier-type on a red velvet background. Faustus was for sale when I purchased Bijou, but I didn't have another 25 bucks to cough up. Darn, right?! You guys are in luck--and if you hurry, you'll have a shot at your very own Bijou at the bargain opening bid of 7.99.

You can see more lentographs, including Faustus and Glamour Puss, here.

And while fine wine complements fine food, the right tunes can enhance your viewing pleasure...
Music to watch lenticular poodles by:
Fresh as a Daisy, Emitt Rhodes
I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart


  1. I learned something on your blog today! Lentographs. I'm going to remember that and it will undoubtedly come up in a conversation when I say something like "Oh! That's a lentograph" and then immediately feel like the dork who's full of too information that only I care about.

  2. I have had both the (schnauzer ?) and the poodle for a decade now. I'm just now looking up to see they're worth and found this site. Great info in these. I've always loved them and found them pretty odd, especially for a tattooed biker to have in his living room. Thanks for all the background info.

  3. Bill, I'm jealous you have Faustus! Did you find anything out about their value by the way?! And thank you for reading my blog : ) --Pune