Monday, March 21, 2011

Meezer Monday: Moon & Supermoon

In honor of Saturday’s supermoon—at its cheesiest and pleasy-est in 18 years!!—here is Keith Moon with his wife’s Siamese cat, Fudge. I can’t find a reliable source to confirm that said kitty a) belonged to Keith Moon’s wife’s and b) was deliciously named Fudge, but it’s a durn good story so we’re going with it.

Durn? Who the heck says that? (Editor’s note: Mark Twain, it turns out.)

Anyway, I have definitely felt the pull of the moon, its champagne light glimmer-shimmering in the night like waves in a dark sea, the only thing (but admittedly, a big one) you have left in common with your unrequited love.

Alternately, I do think it’s probably made of cheese, a yummy triple-cream one like Explorateur.

Ah, the title alone...makes me wanna be/live all poetic:

Andy Partridge's demo of a Dukes of Stratsophear like?

Not necessarily my fave Who tune, but it's meezer-appropriate. And our hero is featured at the beginning.


  1. I love "cheesiest and pleasy-est!"

  2. I didn't know anything was going on with the moon til after-the-fact, so I'm glad we at least noticed how pretty it was on our Friday walk!