Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Washington Post

Doods! Join me in celebrating this delicious day off as I fill this riotous space with words, most likely silly ones, just because I can… wheee! So we’ll call it a LessWord Wednesday, and if it gets too jumpy and bumpy, skip the trip and simply ponder this amazing pic…

Elyse and I were walking to Adams Morgan in Warshington (Valerie told me that’s how the natives say it), D.C., last week, when we came across a butt-load of photos on the ground, all glossy and tossed all over the sidewalk. Ooooh!! I’m sort of embarrassed about my Dumpster diving-ways, so I quickly grabbed a handful and we went on our way. Found art, I marvelled, and so ridiculously silly, too, but they were mostly just shots of drunk girls with balloon sculptures on their heads. I consciously stopped myself from making any judgments and focused on their smiley faces and the pretty Tootsie pop-colored balloons. All good. I can do something funny/creative with these..

But then I thought about the others I left behind, and felt cheated. If the universe is giving you a big bowl o’ inspiration, do you just take a sip? Heck, no, you jump in and mainline it. So Elyse remembered where they were, and when we went back—S Street, everybody—I grabbed a whole bunch more, including this one. I noticed there was a couple sitting at a table outside the brownstone behind us, holding one of the photos and drinking wine. Did they spill the whole lot on the ground and wanted to see if passers-by would stop, or were they drinking in what the cosmos sent, just like me?

So no, I’m not gonna make any cracks about “pole position” or anything, but if this is your a$$, well, hats off and bottoms up to you.

Music to listen to when you’re on candid camera:

Brilliant! Be sure to catch the first two words…

Um, OK, so I don’t get this channel at all..this was the only video I could find for Nick Lowe’s “Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine.” Do the lyrics relate to the imagery in some way I am missing? Turns out the whole channel is full of Nick Lowe songs accompanied by “Japanese fashion girls.” 82 vids’ worth! Oh well. Kinda makes sense in a non-sense way.

Oh dear, this blog wouldn’t be complete without this one! I tend toward this sentiment about picture-taking…I’d rather be in the moment than have someone try to capture it, which is impossible, but funny how social networking is sort of making ‘the act of taking’ the moment itself. Not quite sure how I feel about that, but I love Ray’s lyric here…


  1. Pune, I have fantasies about the owner of this butt somehow discovering this post--maybe thru a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend?

  2. E, me, too!!! (OMG, i left a "Me, Too!" comment on my own post.)