Monday, March 28, 2011

Meezer Monday: Wise Cracks

I first titled this photo “Om for Cats,” thinking Derrick’s tail was sorta like the symbol for om. It’s totally not! There may be everything and nothing contained in the space said tail makes and breaks, but geesh, you would need more than one cat to do a furry om up right.

Speaking of tails, there is none fancier than that belonging to the species known as the Brush-tailed Binglet:

Can you see it in the upper right? It looks like a little shaving brush, but Bing doesn't use it for anything like that. It rarely goes straight up, all exclamation pointy, but when it tweaks from left to right like an on/off switch, I know he's about to go somewhere, fast.

Songs to listen to when debating if cats (technically) have butts

You know, I was prepared to call this next song the worst song ever, but I realize that there’s nothing nasty, as in mean-spirited, about this, so I take it back. This may be a bad song, but it is not the worst ever.

Have you actually listened to the lyrics? “Put a little tiny man in your butt!” That’s sort of delightfully, idiotically silly, though I do think I may not be this song’s intended audience. Who ya think is?

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