Monday, April 11, 2011

Meezer Monday: Whiny Dancer

I'm not that surprised to see this pair, meezer and Astaire. Swellegant in spats, man's or cat's…every move a right one.

The thing that confounds me is that there's never any wasted energy or diluted intent in the dance of either of these critters. If a cat's gonna give you steer ear (you know, with both of 'em pointing in different directions, puttin' the "U" in bull…), no other part of the body is gonna move. Cats exhibit such an incredible economy of movement… the energy flows fully and completely, no tension where it's not supposed to be. It's the same way with Mr. Astaire, if you look closely. There's no tension or movement in the body other than in the part that's supposed to be moving. If you could see the energy, it'd look like stars shooting out of his fingers and toes. And whiskers and tail, if he had 'em.

In situations where I need to calm myself down or feel more secure, I sometimes imagine Paloma, Puffer, Bing and Derrick doing choreography, often elaborate line dances with other cat-dancers. It really makes me laugh, and the sky's the limit. Technically it's probably impossible for a cat to do a pirouette, but not on my dancefloor! Paloma and Puff do a fly-girl style duet to "Walk This Way," and then Paloma joins Bing in a chorus line during XTC's "The Loving." And hello! Tell me you can't imagine cats doing those really high vocals that fade out at the end of this song:

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