Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Swearin' to God

Dudes! Can ya’ll see what de la vega has written in chalk on the sidewalk? I came across this gem last Friday, and at first I liked it, but now I’m all pissed off! Too bad I don’t know what he intended, but it being Wordless Wednesday and all, I really can’t say too much more. I like that he’s kinda leveling the playing field between creator and creation, but not cool with the demanding nature of it all. Ask not what your G. can do for you, but what YOU can do for you. And how about prayer as one long thank you, rather than a freakin’ list for Santa? (And HELLO, why not try usin’ a little honey to catch the bees?)

P.S. I've used this song before, but it says just what I want. And ha ha, check out the comment from the poor guy who wants to know if anyone's ever met a girl who liked XTC or recognized any Beach Boys song other than "Surfin' USA." Girls who like XTC and the Beach Boys are too weird for you, dude. Trust me. ; )

In the top 3 of my Kinkdom:

Here comes the Hammer. No, seriously. I lurv this one. Major shakti here.

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